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Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Hyundai Veloster Turbo Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Car manufacturers are offering all different new kinds of stylish and well designed car and out of them, Hyundai Veloster Turbo is mostly preferable for the car lovers. You will be amazed by its external features and you need to have one immediately.

It has a unique concept of a third door system that inan innovative concept. An air swallowing front grille and two huge sized mounted tailpipes make the Veloster Turbo look much more attractive. It’s stylish, decorative as well as well designed that will be appealing for others.

Although the looks of this car is sporty and the size is too small, the car is spacious inside. There is an auto locked door system and a foggy light that will enable to clearly see the road on the foggy weather.

The overall look is classy, attractive and striking so that many may be enthralled. The car is presentable and there are lots of colors available in the market such as red, royal blue, matte grey. The interior portion is very much attractive and is matching with the concept of the modern era.

This car provides good comfort for a long journey. This car needs less fuel consumption and this car is very trendy and can be used for all purposes. When it comes to the point of safety purpose, it is featured with all kinds of safety measures like IVSP, EBD, ABS, Fuel Filler and not the least remote central locking.  It also consists of two Airbags on the front seats for the safety purpose if any sorts of collision take place.

Choosing a Hybrid

1 300x203 Choosing a HybridGlobal warming is a worldwide problem. As such, no matter where you live, it helps to do your part to reduce emissions. When it comes to motoring, a large portion of this is going to rest on your choice of car.

Yet choosing a new car isn’t just about going green. Whilst you want a hybrid car, and all its related benefits, you still want a vehicle that can perform well and offer a driving and handling experience you would expect from any vehicle, be it petrol or electric-based in power.

Modern Improvements

Fortunately, hybrid technology has been around a while now, so you have your fair share of choice. Car manufacturers all over the world, such as Europe, America and India, are all getting on board with hybrid technology. There will always be, however, some variation when it comes to quality and performance.

Some companies have been striving to enable hybrid technology for much longer, becoming intuitively adept at making the most out of a dual-engine system. This is the Lexus Hybrid difference that you can feel driving any Lexus, as opposed to any other vehicle built with a less established history or simple hands-on experience with the technology.

Costs and Efficiency

Of course, there are always practical aspects to consider as well. With hybrid technology, you’re arguably granted more benefits the more efficient and green the car is. A well developed and designed hybrid car will utilize the electric energy to the best of its capacity, relying on it instead of the petrol source as much as possible. This, in turn, reduces your reliance on fuel, making the car last longer, giving you more miles to the gallon and generally saving you money along the way.

More modern cars have refined this reliance on electricity over fuel, so it pays to look into newer models as opposed to second hand hybrids. A quick look at some of the Lexus hybrids available, by example, will show cars ranging from 87 to 218 g/km in combined CO2 emissions. Although these are all low, it shows just how low the range can go if you want to focus on a fuel-effective model, making the most in savings and efficiency.

In summary, this is just a quick look at the potential of hybrid vehicles. It should be clear, however, that there is both a great deal of choice and options to consider, and that there is a vast amount of potential if you decide upon one of the luxury, quality models currently being produced. For both you and the environment, there are various benefits to be reaped.


Skoda Laura RS in India by 31st August 2011

Skoda Laura RS in India by 31st August 2011 300x225 Skoda Laura RS in India by 31st August 2011

Skoda Auto India is a popular car maker in India today. Skoda Auto is amongst the largest car manufacturers in the entire Central Europe. Now the company has officially confirmed the launch of its much-awaited new Skoda Laura RS on 31st August 2011 in India. This car was showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo.

The Skoda Laura RS car is likely to come with some new and latest features. The car will be powered by 1798cc, 4 Cylinders in line TSI engine which would be able to deliver maximum power of 160 Bhp along with 250 Nm of Torque.

The Skoda Laura RS was initially planned to sport 2.0-litre TSI engine that can produce 200 Bhp of power but the company shifted its plan to a 1.8-litre petrol turbocharged engine. However, the car is available with both diesel and petrol engines but the Indians will only get the petrol version.

The new Skoda Laura RS will feature 6 speed manual gearbox, front ventilated brakes, ground clearance of 164.00 mm, head lamp washers and tachometer. It will sport 2 air bags, 3 rear seat belts, fog lamps, ABS, EBD, ESP technology.

The Skoda Laura RS will also include impressive security features. The expected price of the new Laura Rs will be around Rs 17 lakhs in India.

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