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BMW i3 is more than a car

BMW i3 is more than a car BMW i3 is more than a car

The BMW Group’s i3 is debuted in Beijing, New York and London. The company claims that it is more than just a car because of its continuous mobility. It is built for the customers of the metro cities. It is a first electric series of cars produced by BMW; it has sporting features like all the other siblings of BMW as well as pure driving capacity.

The car attains a range of 130-160kms. The range is quite sufficient as it is tested by MINI E and BMW ActivE cars that have displayed range of 130-160kms. The average distance of driving for everyday is not more than 64km. The BMW comes with rage extending facility that maintains the lithium-ion battery charge at a constant level as soon as it falls under a distinctive value; it is performed by a two-cylinder engine with 34bhp over the electric motor above the back axle.

The i3 features a huge number of technological advancements like carbon-fiber passenger cell and a frame made up of aluminum as well as it is light weight. The car’s electric drive generates an output of 125kW/179 hp and torque of 250 Newton meters that is available from the start.

Maruti to develop a new 800cc small car model in India

Maruti to develop a new 800cc small car model in India 300x180 Maruti to develop a new 800cc small car model in India The Managing Executive Officer of Maruti Suzuki India, Mr. I V Rao revealed a latest news that the leading car maker of India, Maruti is working on new project for crafting a fresh 800cc vehicle for the Indian customers. The engineers at Maruti Suzuki India are working to develop something new that has not been done so far.

According to the company, the new 800cc car model is likely to stand alongside its bestselling car in the country Maruti Alto and will be developed in India. Mr. Rao decline to disclose any further details related to the price of this new car. He also denied that the new 800cc car will be an upgraded version of erstwhile Maruti 800 model that has already been taken out from 13 leading metro cities due to stricter emission norms.

The company said, “Our view is that as Indian middle class families move up in life, they should continue to receive a range of cars from Maruti Suzuki that offer superior quality, international design and rich features. That is where our focus will lie.”

The new 800cc car model is based on current podium and the new model is especially designed for the Indian car market.

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