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Porsche 918 Spyder in Display

Porsche 918 Spyder in Display 300x150 Porsche 918 Spyder in Display

The new Porsche 918 Spyder would have been displayed at the final production lap in Frankfurt. But it is revealed before the actual time of showcase.

Although it is not a huge car but it is indeed the widest car the company ever made. The main features are of the Carrera GT but 918 have more space for the driver and enough leg space for the passengers. It also sports a four wheel power steering, hybrid battery and a PDK in place of a manual box.

The Porsche 918 Spyder is packed thickly with features. It has a 4.6 liter V8 that gives 608bhp or 132bhp/ liter that can accelerate at a speed of 9150. It is supported by an electric motor of 149bhp which rides through the seven speed PDK gear box to the wheels at the back. An electric motor aids at the front of 129bhp, so all combined it is 887bhp. The front wheels are equipped with revving option to stop the car while accelerating.

The two reasons for the electric drive to help the sports car:

1. The four wheel traction

2. It engages the torque hole

As it is a plug-in hybrid, it can go up to 20 miles without having to run the engine at all.

Nissan X-Trail is back on track

Nissan X Trail is back on track 300x150 Nissan X Trail is back on track

When the X-Trail was launched back in the year 2000, the Japanese company was the first to expose it in the cross over sector and it emphasized

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on how good the car was off-road. But buyers does not need a car to climb mountains, so now Nissan is launching The X-Trail in an on-road version to attract buyers, and it also comes with a new improved price.

No technical details are given off at this moment as there is a long time before it is launched in the market. But one can expect an improved version of the car than the current X-Trail’s best of 44.1mg and 168g/km. Both these options would be assisted by a two wheel drive and a powerful CVT gear box.

A new seven seat version of the car is also coming and the last seats are especially for kids. The car comes with seven seats raised properly for better seating comfort and is bigger than its other breeds with a knock-on effect that gives the car a boost.

The price of the car would be something around $27, 000 but it is just a guess work based on the past Nissan X-Trail.

Face lifted Tata Aria

Face lifted Tata Aria Face lifted Tata Aria

A new age vehicle it is seen that the modification of the whole area is being differentiated with the designs and integration of the whole aspect. Indian market is having a special attention for Indian Market. All these things are being taken in to a market for Indian automaker. It’s a mini MPVs a semi-SUV if you could call it with including with all the chalked the Vista platform.

This is considered as ultra-competitive European market with improved mechanicals along with the refreshed version. 2013 Geneva Motor Show as Tata Motors is offering the Aria as it is flag shipped. The market share is coming with the refreshed version.

32-odd kgm and 40 plus kgm 138 bhp are coming with a

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power 158 bhp. It is coming with 2.2-litre Dicor engine which is taking a new position in the European market. The new alloy-wheel design with the clear lens is being seen, new revised headlamps, roof and bonnet. GPS unit and rear-view camera with all the output is being revised with the format of better expectation. It is coming with the expectation along with the possibility of the five-seater.



Audi’s features does make BMW envy!

Audi s features does make BMW envy 300x200 Audi’s features does make BMW envy!

It is quite certain that Audi is really given a tough fight to the BMW series, especially in the sector of in-house performing standards. Whether you consider the honey comb grille or the 19 inch wheels, none seems to be less to compete in the competitive world of cars.

Even the flare fenders are upholding the look of the car to a greater extent. You would also be awe stricken when you have a look at the back of the care which looks more like the A 5 model. You can now say that the specifications of the car are really deadly and devastating that is worth comparing with the new series of BMW. R8′s V8 is said to be the new version that has some of the fantastic mechanisms used that in reality makes the juvenile drivers confuse at the end.  The factor that has helped to cause such hikes is the 450 hp which has increased 30 hp times, astounding to watch at.

With the speed up to 174 mph, this car has a lot to offer to those drivers who have driven the older versions of Audi. There is also a system of Quattro variable all-wheel-drive, now this is something that makes your driving on road faster and safer than ever before. Such experiences can only be felt after you opt for the test drive.

Thu with 40/60 front-to-rear torque split, there is nothing else to make Audi is tagged as one of the finest car ever in this world of cars.

Fiat Bravo 2WD

Fiat Bravo 2WD Fiat Bravo 2WD
Fiat India will be releasing the eagerly awaited Fiat Bravo 2WD in the end of this year for Indian market. Fiat Bravo 2Wd will not be manufactured in country and each unit of the car will be imported. The model will have a 2 wheel drive option along with other latest technological features.

Fiat Bravo 2WD is a new small family car that was designed by the Fiat style centre and Austrian automotive company. It will come with fine performance, Italian looks and complete customer satisfaction.

Fiat Bravo 2WD will be available in both petrol and diesel variants in country. It will be fitted with 1368cc engine in its petrol version and a 1910cc engine in its diesel version. Petrol variant engine will be capable to deliver a max power of 120 bhp at 5000 rpm while diesel variant will generate higher power of 150 bhp at 4000 rpm.

Fiat Bravo 2WD is likely to be incorporated with a 6-speed manual gear system and power steering which is very useful while making sharp turns. The new model is spacious from the inside and also features a compact overlook. It is expected to be priced in the range of 21 lakh.

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